Looking for trauma treatment? Help with PTSD, stress or anxiety? We help with an intensive solution!

Trauma can lead to several unpleasant conditions

Can’t get moving and not achieving anything  
Short temper and irritability
Loss of concentration

Maybe you need trauma treatment?

For optimal trauma treatment, get possible imbalances identified. Get intensive individual help for trauma, PTSD, anxiety and stress

Trauma shock PTSD anxiety stress


The brain gets examined for activity: Brain waves are measured in 19 places which are later trained with neurofeedback


low frequency
too many
/too few 

We work with cognitive challenges (focus, concentration, memory)


Imbalance in the autonomic nervous system that controls the organs



stomach acid 
building blocks

Your GUT creates building blocks for a healthy immune system

intestinal flora 
immune system 
building blocks 


in the brain 

Sleep problems

too much 
too little 
too easily 

Cellular imbalances can often be measured

vitamins, etc. 

REbrain Clinic offers an individual, holistic and intensive solution in trauma treatment 

  • SPECT brain scanning in Germany and an accurate diagnosis by the world’s leading psychiatrists (online) 
  • Trauma relief and help with anxiety and stress with new revolutionary techniques in psycho-sensory therapy
  • Brain training with electrodes on your head, to normalize your brain activity. The method has been proved effective as treatment for PTSD(1a).
  • CELL REHAB. We test your imbalances at the cellular level and give you the “building blocks” your body and brain need. 
  • Restore balance through diet, gut and the vagus nerve 
  • Help get rid of stress and regain inner balance (1b)
  • Psychological and medical care
  • Support to get where you want to
Woman with PTSD, affected by several traumas throughout her lifetime

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REbrain Clinic

REbrain Clinic guides you throughout the entire course. The psychiatrists we work with combine the best established treatment with new solutions.

Can I go to REbrain Clinic, 
if I’m in therapy or need medication? 

  • Please continue with your own psychologist. We complement with other types of treatments and do not affect either your trauma treatment or your therapy. We are happy to cooperate.
  • If you feel there’s something you are missing then a broad based treatment via REbrain Clinic can be the answer.
  • We prefer to involve our collaborating psychiatrists, and always if you are taking medication. Here you meet psychiatrist at an internationally leading clinic with 30 years of experience in studying the physical condition and activity of the brain as an essential part of the evaluation. You get a brain scan in Germany and meet your doctor online to receive brain-targeted treatment with a combination of mental processing, natural methods, dietary supplements and medication.

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New at REbrain Clinic – and in the treatment of trauma

Psycho-sensory techniques to combat trauma, anxiety and stress 

1: 1 sessions Live or online  

 Try it at half price (120 min). No payment without a sense of preliminary results after first session 

Read about the Havening techniques, and hear what clients have to say about it

Get help for both the physical and mental aspects of your condition 

Intensive efforts with several simultaneous measures for PTSD, trauma, stress and anxiety

Mental states also have a biological aspect, i.e. your brain cells are affected. In addition, there may be a purely physical aspect if you have had physical brain-neck trauma. All aspects require action. 
If you have trauma, PTSD, anxiety or stress, REbrain Clinic and our collaborating doctors can help you with intensive input involving several initiatives at the same time. 
For PTSD, it starts with a SPECT brain scan in Germany, after which you meet your doctor online. 

Read more about the REbrain method.

Take your first step towards balance

Hear how the big medical clinics we work with use brain scanning in psychiatry, and about possible intensive treatment before you decide on major initiatives. 

Try the Havening techniques if you need trauma relief here and now the Havening techniques are also used for anxiety and stress. We can help you 1:1, online via Skype. 

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