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Are you stressed, have concentration problems, are injured or traumatized?  
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If you feel you are in an impossible situation with your brain, your neck, or mentally, REbrain Clinic has an overview of what is possible.

The advice consists of:  

  1. Recognizing your problems and helping you understand them
  2. Help with planning and executing a new individual, intensive course for your diagnosis and treatment in the private sector.
  3. Being supported along the way by us, since you are responsible for your own health, in the international private healthcare market for diagnosis and treatment.
  4. Contact with, and good prices at cooperating private clinics worldwide. Including pioneering doctors who take responsibility for your diagnosis and treatment.
  5. “Help for self-help”.
  6. Choice of natural methods rooted in science.
If you are in an impossible situation, REbrain Clinic has the overview of what is possible

Qualified advice in finding the leading therapists 

The advice you get is science based, the methods are practiced internationally and the choice of methods is based on Marianne Sandberg‘s:

  1. MSc in biotech from the prestigious Technical University of Denmark (DTU).
  2. 10 years of studies in neuroscience, interdisciplinary medicine, and new methods in brain rehabilitation – as well as 3 years of basic research in microorganisms of importance to the brain-intestinal connection.
  3. Knowledge of where to go for better diagnoses and the latest science-based treatment.
  4. Experience from own international rehabilitation course.
  5. Certification in the United States in counseling in brain health.
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Our goal is for you to be able to work much more efficiently, or simply get back to work again, after physical or mental trauma. 

REbrain Clinic helps you as far as possible with your brain 

  • The methods have been documented in both large and small research studies. 
  • For maximum benefit, we recommend several different simultaneous initiatives, and offer to coordinate between the experts, taking your situation into account. So you get the most out of the course with the least possible stress.

Outline of a typical 18-week intensive course with REbrain Clinic 

  1. Initial consultation personal or online counseling with an interdisciplinary rehabilitation consultant.
  2. Diagnosis with structural scanning for tissue damage and/or, activity scanning for mild traumatic brain injury as well as for  focus/memory /mental challenges – and/or QEEG at our collaborating clinics. Additionally, two online cognitive tests (concentration, memory, etc.).
  3. Laboratory tests to identify cellular imbalances (REbrain Clinic) and/or as diagnostic input at collaborating medical clinics.
  4. Review, diagnosis and treatment plan prepared by collaborating medical clinics.
  5. The implementation of the treatment plan is the responsibility of the REbrain Clinic. We support you and can organize it all for you
  • PHYSICAL REHAB. Help find the recommended manual therapist – and help get appointments right away (for a fee) through REbrain Clinic partnerships.
  • CELL REHAB. Help to correct imbalances found on lab tests
  • MENTAL REHAB. Talking online with a psychiatrist, supplemented with Havening techniques at REbrain Clinic.
  • BINOCULAR VISION TRAINING. First in line with discount. Exclusive partnership
  • BRAIN TRAINING. First in line with discount. Exclusive partnership
  • SELF-HELP help with REbrain Clinic’s certified brain health counselor.
  • INTERDISCIPLINARY REHABILITATION CONSULTATIONS. Ongoing follow up, including help communicating with the doctors, also in English. 

Contact us for a price estimate of an intensive 18-week course 

What can a shorter course with REbrain Clinic consist of?
No two courses are the same: There is always 1 hour for “biological detective work” in the first consultation, based on your answers to the questionnaire. 

A shorter course could be: 

  1. Initial consultation personal or online counseling with interdisciplinary rehabilitation consultant.
  2. Interdisciplinary rehabilitation counseling: 1.5 + 1.5 + 1 hour consultations
  3. Ongoing manual therapy 
  4. Brain health coaching, brain training and vision training 

 However, the short course does not include scans or laboratory tests, although we highly recommend them for accurate therapy. 

Before first consultation

First, we need to know why you have got in contact with us, and we need to know your history. A mixture of problems is not uncommon; you will get help with them all at the same time. 

Once the initial interdisciplinary rehabilitation consultation has been booked, you will be sent a questionnaire asking for information about your condition, diet, previous examinations and treatment. 

The answers are needed for the interdisciplinary advice you will receive so we can plan a course together – and later also by the individual specialists (with your consent to the data being used). 

You need to send the questionnaire back 2 to us at least working days before your first consultation. 

The REbrain method

Tag dit absolut første skridt for en bedre hjerne

  • Free online weekly info meetings about the possibilities with REbrain Clinic via ZOOM
  • Free personal Skype or telephone conference call ½ hour (max. 15 mins. for your specific case)
  • Initial interdisciplinary rehabilitation consultation:
    2-hour focus on you and your problems 
  • Trial session of the Havening Techniques® at half price if you have trauma, anxiety, stress (free of charge if you feel it has not helped at all).
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