Customers’ Testimonials 

Vibeke, North Zealand, Denmark 

Background: Concussion and whiplash injury 

I fell over a ramp in total darkness. Got a severe neck injury with several symptoms. Today I am largely symptom-free; otherwise I know what to do about it. I would recommend Marianne’s knowledge about the subject at any time. Both her insight into what whiplash is, and because she herself has been through the whole process herself and knows the “limbo” that a patient goes through.

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Marie Louise R, 48, Zealand 

Background: Mental trauma after a fatal traffic accident 

I can highly recommend working with one’s trauma through the Havening method. One’s trauma seems further away, and less painful. No longer weighs in the same way. With Marianne, it seems safe to face up to one’s challenges.

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Cassandra Søndergaard, 51, author of the Danish book “ En Stjerne Himlen (A Star in the Sky) 

Background: Very severe PTSD 

Marianne has helped me lower my stress levels with the Havening techniques. Helped me deal with important things so I really have got going again. Empathetic, good at advising, so you get a complete overview. Skilled therapist. Knows what she can and cannot do and has the skills to help. It can be recommended.

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Nikolaj, 27, Master of Science in Engineering, Zealand, Denmark 

Background: Concussion 

After my concussion, I was on sick leave for half a year. I was able to get my life back on track with the help I got from Marianne. Can concentrate now – just finished university.  

René, 49, logistics manager, West Zealand, Denmark 

Background: Two whiplashes in traffic accidents, previously suffering from pain. Now works full time 

I tried everything within the established system and still had pain all over my body after two traffic accidents. Could not find help for my neck injury. Struggled with new problems in my stomach and gut. Marianne has definitely got hold of something with her recommendation of several forms of treatment and focus on the gut and diet. Now I think more about what I put into my mouth, before I eat. I make sure I follow my therapies and exercise, so working full time is easier now. 

Ruth Fuglsang, pensioner, author of the Danish book “ Et liv stand-by (A life on stand-by) 

Background: Suffered several  years from chronic whiplash, wrote about “The challenge from the Healthcare System” 

Marianne Sandberg has taken on an important responsibility for society, and for people affected by accidents causing Whiplash and concussion. Also helpful and creating happiness for relatives. It is important that people like Marianne change and improve the conditions for the gradually increasing number of people in their struggle with “suffering from accidents”. We fight against a system that does not recognize the real situation that many people end up in – and which makes life even more difficult for many people. 

I am much better now after suggestions for new diet including electrolytes and a complete change with manual therapy. I still need to not over exert myself but definitely feel better now. 

Ursula, 32, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Background: Mental trauma 

I went on a course of 3 Havening sessions with Marianne and I can definitely recommend it. She is a very pleasant and empathetic person and it seems that this technique works. Anyway, I got well on my way, with Marianne’s help, as well as some tools that I needed.