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Why EEG neurofeedback therapy?

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What is EEG neurofeedback therapy?

EEG neurofeedback therapy is part of behavioral therapy. It is an established brain training method for optimizing brain activity. You train with electrodes on your head while watching a movie or animation that you have to concentrate on. If you use the brain correctly (make the right brain waves), then the movie keeps running and, if not, then it stops. 

During the training you practice in a state where you use the parts of the brain that do not function optimally due to your condition/injury, in a better and healthier way. 

Scientific method

In Denmark, EEG neurofeedback originated at the University of Copenhagen in the 1990s with Dr. Erik Hoffmann. Ann-Helen Pettersen, founder of the Department of Brain Training, has her clinical background from her employment with him. She herself has a master's degree in psychology from Roskilde University, specializing in psychiatry. 

Brain cells - their activity can be optimized with EEG neurofeedback therapy

Brain cells - their activity can be optimized with EEG neurofeedback therapy

  • Concussion 
  • Brain damage (traumatic and blood clot) 
  • Concentration problems 
  • Dementia, Alzheimer's 
  • High performance 
  • ADD, ADHD 
  • PTSD, Stress 
  • Autism (ASD), Asperger’s 
  • Multiple sclerosis (early trial plan) 
  • Depression

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How is EEG neurofeedback therapy carried out?

At the start of the lesson you get electrodes on your head in precisely the areas that need training. These will have been discovered by a large QEEG-measurement for the pre examination. What happens in the training is that you sit in a chair and watch a movie. Either a movie of your choice or an animated movie with an airplane flying through a landscape. 

The electrodes detect whether you are in the optimal mental state or not while watching the movie. If you use your brain perfectly, you will be rewarded by the movie running normally or by the plane flying quickly. If your need to adjust your mental state in specific wired regions of the brain, the film stops or the airplane stops in the air (but without crashing). 

During EEG neurofeedback therapy, you learn to work your way up to the optimal way to use your brain. You learn to use the right places in the brain, in the right way while concentrating. 

Scientific documentation is improving all the time

Today, research into EEG neurofeedback therapy is carried out at the largest and best known universities in the world, e.g. UCLA. 

It is a well-documented method. See references at the bottom of the page. 

Here you can see the abstracts of 873 research articles regarding EEG neurofeedback therapy (as of June 2020), in the US health authorities' database of serious research articles "PubMed". 

A European review from 2018 found EEG neurofeedback therapy effective in treating ADHD and it is officially recommended by the Association of American Child Psychiatrists as being on an equal footing with medication for ADD/ADHD. 

See discussion of EEG neurofeedback therapy for improving focus” from Harvard University.  

Client statement

"I tried it and quickly found out that I got the plane flying by relaxing COMPLETELY, something I had not been aware of before ”, says REbrain Clinic's founder, Marianne Sandberg, who still trains regularly at the Department of Brain Training. "It's the way I can maintain my focus, now that I'm working full time after my brain injury."

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Can anyone do EEG neurofeedback training? 


Why use advanced EEG neurofeedback therapy, when cheaper forms exist? 

You can buy cheap neurofeedback equipment. Everything from the simple headband for attaching electrodes, without prior QEEG measurement. Using them can be dangerous. 

What is special about EEG neurofeedback therapy is that you get a very detailed QEEG measurement taken before the training, making a comparison with normally functioning brains (Loretta database), on each of the 19 different measuring points on the brain. If this measurement is not carried out you may not know whether you are training the right place in the brain, in the right way. When using EEG neurofeedback, you will be sure that you will be stopped when you do something wrong or not ideal, since the screen showing the movie goes black or the animated plane stops flying. 

If your brain training is done without prior QEEG measurement, or based on a QEEG measurement without a comparison with normally functioning brains from the Loretta database, you can basically train wrongly or in a way that is harmful to the brain. At the end of the day, cheap brain training could make you worse. 

Therefore, our EEG neurofeedback therapy, based on prior QEEG measurements AND the Loretta database, is better than cheaper forms of neurofeedback. 

REbrain Clinic’s partner, Institut for Hjernetræning (Danish Brain Training Institute) ensures you ONLY train exactly the places in the brain where you work less optimally and therefore need to change something. You avoid getting a bad experience by training in the wrong place or at the wrong wavelengths. You don’t risk the training doing more harm than good

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