Improve your Brain health with better diet and other intensive natural methods

How is your Brain health? Take care of the injured brain via the gut 

When you hit your head, it can be seen in your gut: A mild traumatic brain injury can be seen in altered number of individual intestinal bacteria, just a few days after a concussion (1b). Brain health starts in the gut. But why? 

A new nerve system has been identified “the enteric nerve system”, that connects the brain to the gut via the vagus nerve and a hormonal system (1a). The vagus nerve goes two ways, in and out of the brain. Originating in the brain stem, it is at risk during neck injuries such as whiplash injury, and during concussions, where mostly also the neck hurt.

Natural restitution

Inflammation of the brain

Inflammation occurs in the brain shortly after a concussion. Inflammation is a natural and beneficial process when tissues need to be healed. But the inflammation should not continue because then something is wrong. 

Researchers at Rigshospitalet (The Danish National Hospital) have found on SPECT scans that people who are on long-term sick leave after a concussion still have an inflammatory condition in the brain 3-4 months later. Source: Danish SPECT study (2a). 

The discovery also has implications for whiplash syndrome. 

Brain healthy diet

Stop the inflammation in the brain 

It may be beneficial to switch to an anti-inflammatory diet to support the immune system to stop inflammation in the tissues (3a) 

Inflammation flares up when you eat:

  • Fast carbs 
  • Pasta 
  • White bread 
  • Potatoes 
  • Rice 
  • Cake, candy, sweets, fizzy drinks, fruit juice

The list contains foods that are converted to sugar and then to CO2 (which is acidic). They acidify your gut and then your tissues and poison the environment around your cells (4a, 4b) – and the gut affects the brain (4c). That is how fast carbohydrates keep the inflammation running – also in the brain. Learn about avocado and other brain healthy foods. 


You need more of this to combat inflammation and  improve brain health: 

  • More ω3 than ω6 oils 
  • Certain minerals (found in salts) 
  • Vitamin D (often in deficit) 
  • Certain vitamins in stressful situations 
  • Antioxidants 
  • Vegetables, green such as avocado (5a, 5b).
Olive oil is a brain healthy food

For a brain healthy diet we suggest 75% vegetables (6a). Let’s help you put a personal diet together.

We make you a brain health warrior

There are many things you need to be aware of in terms of concussion and diet. We have many practical tips, for example, on how to find substitutes for sugar. Inspiration for brain-healthy food. Help find out what you are missing in the body before choosing supplements. 

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. We review it all during your brain health consultations at REbrain Clinic. 

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties

Be good to your brain by taking care of your gut

The gut bacteria convert food into building blocks for the processes in the body and the brain. When the intestine doesn’t work properly, neither does the brain (8a, 8b, 8c). An injured brain has a slightly different need for nourishment. 

Intestinal bacteria make the building blocks you need to feel good. But they are killed off by acid from the diet (coffee, alcohol, fizzy drinks) and acid from the conversion of sugar (8d). If they drop in number you start producing the wrong short chain fatty acids (SCFA), one of the first signs of imbalance in the gut flora (shown in ground breaking research by REBrain Clinics founder, Marianne Sandberg (8c)). Your gut controls your immune system, so it is not good when it isn’t working properly.  

Reversing this imbalance is what we can help you with at our Brain health Consultations.

Start the day with a brain-healthy anti-inflammatory green smoothie

Stimulating the vagus nerve

The freezing shivering you get from winter bathing (jumping into the sea in winter) strengthens the immune system via the vagus nerve. It is measurable (9a). So go out and jump into cold seawater after concussion. The salt in the sea provides several good minerals which are absorbed through the skin.  

Yoga also affects the vagus nerve positively and is a gentle way to initiate self-healing after a concussion. A change that humans have made for thousands of years.

Yoga stimulates the vagus nerve

Change to a brain-healthy diet and let us help you combine your rehabilitation methods from start

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