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Concussion PCS
with/without neck injury
New methods

Damaged brain in skull

Whiplash, neck injury
with/without brain injury
Better scanning

Upper and lower back pain after whiplash

PTSD, anxiety, trauma 
Brain scanning in psychiatry
Havening technique 1: 1 online 

Traumatized soldier gets help

Structured course
Leading private doctors and specialists

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Turn imbalances into balance
Support the brain via the gut,
the vagus nerve and the immune system

Brain healthy diet with healthy carbs instead of fast carbs

Founder’s experience
From disability to full time work
with neuroscience

Founder Marianne Sandberg

Intensive courses of treatment through close partnerships with REbrain Clinic

REbrain Clinic and our partners help you with an intensive and coordinated effort combatting memory, concentration and focus problems, especially related to brain-neck injuries that are invisible on regular CT/MR scans. We also help with mental trauma, stress anxiety. 

Our mission is to offer access to individually tailored, researched and scientifically based new solutions where the purely evidence-based clinical practice has not yet many solutions to offer – causing a high number of injured Europeans to lose their ability to work. 

REbrain Clinic will do something about it.