A private upright MRI scan costs less than you think and provides the most precise whiplash diagnosis

What is upright MRI?

Upright functional MRI, ufMRI, is the best way to reveal injured structures in the neck and brain after whiplash injury and concussion.  In addition some, but not all, ufMRI scanners can measure the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. It costs a bit more – but provides valuable knowledge about your condition. 


MR stands for magnetic resonance. The I in MRI stands for imaging, here “image diagnostics”, and is the international name for MR. MRI uses a magnet, radio waves and a computer to form images of the structures in the body. 

MRI is a non-invasive, non-radioactive method. 


Whiplash diagnosis on upright MRI scan image - get help at REbrain Clinic

After whiplash injury hidden brain-neck-injuries can be revealed by upright MRI scanning

Upright MRI is performed vertically in an open scanner that can scan in other positions than normal MRI scanners. When patients are scanned in the upright, weight-bearing position under natural load, the intervertebral discs, are exposed to 6 times more pressure than when lying down. The Upright MRI scan is the only scanner that allows examination of the spine in various body postures. It is a functional scan meaning that the patient can be examined in the position where they experience most pain, or with the head bent completely forwards or backwards. 

Upright MRI scans reveal lesions that are not detected by plain lying down MRI/CT scans. This makes upright MRI the best method for diagnosing whiplash and other neck injuries.

Whiplash diagnosis on upright MRI scan image - get help at REbrain Clinic

What happens during an upright MRI

During the scan, you can watch TV. You get a receiver on and you have to sit still. It is a bit noisy but quieter than a normal MRI.

Can anyone have an upright MRI scan?

No, you cannot have an upright MRI scan if you are pregnant or have metal, electronics or other implants in your body. 

The open scanner makes scanning possible for people with claustrophobia. 

Specialists in the diagnosis of whiplash injury with upright functional MRI are not found in many places in Europe (or in the world for that matter). Travel on a short safe trip with REbrain Clinic and get your structural injury revealed. Being able to see the injury allows the therapists work to be more precise.

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