Questions and answers about the methods, the specialists and interdisciplinary collaboration

Are the clinics REbrain works with large or small? 

The specialists you meet through the REbrain Clinic belong to a wide range of therapists: 

  • Very large medical clinics doing research, with 1500 clients from all over the world, every week  
  • Small clinics in Denmark with as few as 2 employees. Typically highly professional university-educated specialists with a lot of scientific knowledge

Are the claims and methods documented? 

Yes, both the claims and the methods we present have been published in research papers. Our website has more than 200 scientific references. The clinics you visit are often pioneers in their field with their own published research; often having worked with the methods for 15-30 years. 

Do I need to travel? 

Not necessarily. We refer you to skilled specialists internationally – and help you to identify them locally. Online consultations are available. For certain examinations and treatments, typically scans and QEEG, you must travel to Denmark or other (open) European countries. 

Due to Covid-19 we have made arrangements enabling you to be scanned in Germany instead of the USA. After Covid-19, you can also travel to the USA. The stay for examinations typically lasts 2-5 days, but you can choose to stay longer and try new treatments, where offered. We are happy to help you with recommendations for local hotels, or a private house through Airbnb. We are happy to travel with you as translators and provide support. IMPORTANT: REbrain Clinic is NOT a travel agency and everything is booked, by appointment, in your own name and at your own expense. 

How does REbrain Clinic help me in the beginning? 

We find out what your situation is. Our role as your advisor is to help you through the jungle of diagnostic methods and treatments, with the least amount of effort on your part. We make a budget for you based on your specific situation. 

How does REbrain rate the places they send me to? 

We refer you to the best doctors in terms of scans, diagnostic tools and treatments. Our advice and choice of treatments are rooted in science. We ourselves are specialists in cell biology, imbalances and natural treatments for the brain and body. 

Can my general practitioner be involved in the course? 

Absolutely. We encourage that. Your own doctor can be a great help, if he/she is open-minded about the fact that we work with your bodys natural balances obtained via the gut, cells and the vagus nerve. This includes the importance of diet for your health when imbalances need to be restored (functional medicine). We are happy to share one of our 1500 “scientific summaries” with your doctor. We have even had a Danish psychiatrist accompany us to USA’s largest brain clinic.

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