REbrain Method

REbrain’s Clinic’s method consist of three main areas of rehabilitation


(see illustration below).  

All three areas need to be addressed simultaneously, and with multiple simultaneous methods to increase the chance of reversing your condition. 

The procedure is adjusted according to whether you are exclusively suffering from stress and loss of concentration, whether you are physically injured, and/or in a form of traumatic crisis. We often see combinations of these conditions. 

chart on the REbrain method

In addition to a thorough medical examination by specialists, we examine whether your functional problems after a concussion come from the eyes and examine how you have changed brain activity. As part of your treatment for post concussion syndrome, REbrain Clinic rehabilitates eye and brain activity. We send you on to a number of innovative diagnostic methods and PHYSICAL REHAB and can help you with an individual plan and implementation of an overall intensive broad course. We have close contact with a number of leading specialists. 


CELL REHAB is a central element of REbrain Clinic’s natural methods, given our scientific backgrounds in cell biology. Both neck injuries and prolonged stress can cause imbalances in the autonomic nervous system, which controls your organs/hormones. After a long time of imbalance, your entire organ system and body can be in serious imbalance. The intestines are connected to the brain, and this plays a major role in stopping inflammation (5a, 5b). In addition, you may lack building blocks for essential processes in the brain. To help you, we work right down to the cellular level. The methods are known from functional medicine. It’s pretty simple. We only add what your cells, and therefore your body, are missing. 

That’s why we at REbrain Clinic specialize in CELL rehabilitation. 

We offer EEG neurofeedback brain training for optimal neuronal activity in your brain cells. 

During your consultations with us, you will get a range of personally tailored SELF-HELP methods for your brain health, so that you respond optimally in the other areas of rehabilitation. 


REbrain Clinic offers a broad intensive solution in psychiatry. We collaborate with one of the worlds leading psychiatric clinics. 

We offer trauma relief and help with anxiety and stress using new revolutionary Havening techniques® (psycho-sensory therapy).