CELL REHABILITATION -why should your cells be healthy?

The human body is made up of billions of cells that work together to get the body’s machine to function. Allowing organs like the brain, and the immune system to function properly. The food you eat is broken down in the stomach/intestines into building blocks, that is used as “fuel or oil” by your cells.  

The wrong, or a non-varied, diet will make your cells in the body/brain lack the small building blocks that they need to be good soldiers. Then the immune system won’t work properly. Or there may be certain processes that do not work. Maybe some of these are important for your brain’s function. If the gut or brain does not have these building blocks for its processes, the brain cannot function optimally – and does not heal properly after injury. 

How does one do cell rehabilitation?

Cell rehabilitation starts with laboratory tests. If these tests show that your body lack a substance, or the cells are suffering from oxidative stress, we restore these in a holistic way through diet and targeted supplements. In the same way, we work to improve the conditions for your gut’s microorganisms, as imbalances in the gut can affect the brain, via a “relatively newly discovered” nervous system, which connects the intestine with the brain. The methods are known from functional medicine. It’s pretty simple. We only add things that are 100% identical to what your body can produce under normal circumstances. Exactly the “bioidentical molecule” your cells and gut microorganisms may lack to function normally.

Cell membrane illustration

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Rehabilitation of brain cells by activating them in an optimal way

Together with the Department of Brain Training, REbrain Clinic works with EEG neurofeedback to help your brain cells get reactivated, right there in the brain, where activity has been low due to injury. 

Read more about EEG neurofeedback and the university-educated people behind your brain training. 
In this way, we support ourselves by activating the nerve cells, while at the same time we use natural methods which provide the nerve cells with optimal conditions for normal function. 

Through our knowledge of cells, we help you.

Marianne Sandberg has a 5-year MSc university degree from DTU and specializes in biotechnology

Get help now and optimize your brain cell function with CELL REHAB

Get help now and optimize your brain cell function with CELL REHAB:

  • Has a 5-year university degree (DTU) in cell biology and has researched the type of bacteria that humans have in the gut.
  • Has personal experience from neck injuries with imbalances in the intestine, chronic inflammation, overactive immune system, altered pain threshold.
  • Has worked with inflammatory conditions (Type 2 diabetes) for 6 years.

(add bullet) Has researched the connection between concussion /neck injury and sequelae at the cellular level, in the organization WHIPCON.org since 2014. Including biological imbalances. 

  • Certified in Brain Health in the United States.
  • Trained in concussion and neuroscience at international medical meetings.
Marianne Sandberg has a 5-year MSc university degree from DTU and specializes in biotechnology