Mild neck and brain Injury rehabilitation benefit from PHYSICAL REHAB

Gentle manual therapy, vision and brain training in an intensively structured course of treatment for better, more intensive Brain Injury Rehabilitation  

Manual therapy for neck and brain injury rehabilitation

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Manual therapy is the collective term for “treatment with the hands”, such as physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy.


Osteopathy is a more than 100-year-old method in manual therapy, but it is not so widespread outside USA (it originated in Oregon, and is used by medical doctors). Osteopathy is especially useful in treating connective tissue injuries, highly suited for neck injuries. The soft tissue in the neck region may have contracted so much in the accident that muscles and fascia remain cramped after 4-5 months. We have had good experience with starting a course of treatment with very gentle osteopathic release techniques for mild traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, so that your connective tissue does not block the blood flow in the neck and neck region. Osteopathy is now approved by The National Board of Health in many EU countries.

Contact us now for treatment with osteopathy. We have good results combining osteopathy with other forms of manual therapy.


Physiotherapists can create a targeted neck and brain injury rehabilitation program for you, where we create blood flow, with focus on avoiding overdoing things. 

Kiropraktik og anden behandling af rygsøjlen

Chiropractic and other treatment of the spine 

Chiropractic treatment is effective for injuries around the spine, for example, for vertebrae that are either locked, displaced (spondiolisthesis), or pinched nerves. A good scan in revealing positions is essential to locate injuries that can be repaired subsequently with chiropractic, so that the flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid through the spine can be restored. Putting the spine in place after whiplash injury contributes to a better balanced autonomic nervous system, which is widely branched from the spine and out to the organs.

Other physical treatments


REbrain Clinic has extensive knowledge of pain mechanisms at the cellular level. Offers either a medical approach by pain alleviation doctors – or alternatively completely natural initiatives. 

Problemer med tænder og kæbe efter hjerne- nakke-skader

Get control of your jaw and bite. It requires a specialist dentist with an understanding of Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) that can occur after neck injuries (3a, 3b). If you have been the victim of a direct head injury, you may have broken teeth.  

Syns funktionstest og samsynstræning

Binocular vision can be affected during whiplash and concussion. We offer documented vision training that benefits the brain (1a, 1b).

EEG neurofeedback hjernetræning

EEG neurofeedback brain training 

Brain training with documented EEG neurofeedback is offered (2a, 2b, 2c). We offer the most precise neurofeedback method with prior QEEG brain mapping and ongoing comparisons with large brain databases. For the best possible brain injury rehabilitation.

The EEG neurofeedback method lies in the border area between PHYSICAL, CELLULAR and MENTAL (cognitive) rehabilitation. Read more under each of these SERVICES or get an overview of the REbrain method. 

REbrain method 
We recommend an intensive and broad rehabilitation 
Read more about the REbrain method

Need manual therapy? Intensify your treatment with several simultaneous methods at REbrain Clininc

Read more about the REbrain method

Let us advise you based on REbrain Clinic’s intensive and holistic rehabilitation approach

In addition to PHYSICAL REHAB described on this page, you are offered:
CELLULAR REHAB: including brain health care).

MENTAL REHABILITATION if you also have experienced a trauma. This is especially important for brain injury rehabilitation. 

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